Kamenache and Houli decided to go for a ride in the alps. Houli told Kamenache they would ride from Geneva to Nice but we had an open mind but limited time. Kamenaches initial thought was that if we had to carry the bikes, we could not do more than 100 ascent. In the end we did 1000m ascents with no trouble and very light rucksacks.  

The aim was to follow the GR5 from St Gingolph to join the Tour of Mont Blanc. Some sections of the GR5 have no riding so we took alternative routes that had good riding. However some sections inevetably had long portages and ascents by foot, however this was an alpine journey not just a bike ride. The tour of Mont Blanc was done anti-clockwise and had very good riding, again sections of portage to the high Cols were mandatory.  

 To travel light we took very little clothing, our cycling cloths, spare top, shorts and thermal t-shirt, waterproofs, credit card and toothbrush.

 Lack of planning leads to adventures. Travel light, travel fast and enjoy.